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NTT, Chunghwa Telecom to establish international network connectivity for distributed computing

NTT, Chunghwa Telecom to establish international network connectivity for distributed computing

NTT Corporation, a global technology services company, has announced a partnership with Chunghwa Telecom to develop international network connectivity using Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) technology. Both companies say the goal is to establish a high-speed and reliable network link between Japan and Taiwan to facilitate the transfer of data and information.

The Innovative Optical and Wireless Network is an advanced communication technology that leverages the concept of All-Photonics Network, emphasizing light-based communication over traditional electronic methods for data transmission.

The technology aims to address various challenges related to the increasing performance demands of modern distributed computing and communications. By using advanced optical and wireless communication techniques, IOWN creates a more efficient and robust network infrastructure to meet these evolving demands, the company notes.

“With outstanding technology and extensive global business experience, we expect that NTT and Chunghwa Telecom working together on IOWN’s international communications will strongly accelerate IOWN’s technology development and service deployment. Based on the achievements of NTT and Chunghwa Telecom, we hope to expand IOWN in various other countries,” says Akira Shimada, president and chief executive officer at NTT Corporation.

Alongside their efforts constructing the physical network infrastructure, NTT and Chunghwa Telecom are also focused on creating interfaces and international connection guidelines. Their aim is to define standards and protocols that ensure transparency and consistency in the exchange of data and information between these networks.

“Chunghwa Telecom agrees with the vision of IOWN’s innovative technologies and will continue to uphold the brand spirit of “Always Ahead” and implement the corporate sustainability goals of ESG energy conservation, actively invest in innovative research and development, and bring people with more diversified and convenient network and services,” adds Shui-Yi Kuo, chairman and chief executive officer at Chunghwa Telecom.

NTT has entered into a recent partnership with Qualcomm Technologies to accelerate the advancement and adoption of private 5G networks and edge artificial intelligence. The alliance will concentrate on the development of 5G-enabled devices to meet growing requirements for 5G connectivity in the domain of IoT and edge computing applications.

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