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Rafay Systems adds self-service capabilities for Kubernetes developers via Environment Manager

Rafay Systems adds self-service capabilities for Kubernetes developers via Environment Manager

Rafay Systems, a company specializing in Kubernetes management solutions, has announced the availability of an Environment Manager on its Kubernetes operations platform. The Rafay Systems Environment Manager enables developers to develop applications based on pre-tested and pre-managed blueprints.

Rafay Systems conducted an independent survey to understand the gap between what application developers expect from an organization’s environment provisioning process and the current methods available. The study of over 500 platform teams revealed that 25 percent of the organizations could take a long time, up to 3 months or more, to set up the necessary environments for developers.

The Environment Manager offers governance and control capabilities to ensure the reliable provisioning of environments. These features allow platform teams to verify that settings are set up correctly. Platform teams can define Kubernetes role-based access control policies, governance policies, isolation and cost management for multiple development teams.

“Developer innovation is hampered by complicated, time-consuming and manual environment provisioning while platform teams are challenged with the lack of standardization to deploy and manage environments. Rafay’s self-service solution to both problems empowers platform teams and developers to build and provision environments quickly and, ultimately, innovate faster,” says Mohan Atreya, the senior vice president of products and services for Rafay Systems.

Rafay claims that the Environment Manager enables developers to provision full-stack environments with just one click. This process is achieved using environment templates saved in Git, which the platform teams have tested and maintained to ensure accuracy. The automation behind this process is built upon Terraform, a tool used to define and provision infrastructure as code.

In related news, Rafay Systems says it joined the NTT Data reseller program to expand the adoption of Rafay’s Kubernetes operations platform in EMEA and APAC regions.

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