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NTT, Cisco team up to develop an enterprise IoT as-a-Service

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NTT, Cisco team up to develop an enterprise IoT as-a-Service

NTT, an IT services and infrastructure company, and Cisco have partnered to create and deploy edge and IoT solutions to help organizations maximize operational efficiency and reach sustainability goals, particularly in manufacturing, transportation and healthcare.

“We are excited to work together to help transition our customers to this IoT-as-a-Service model so they can quickly realize the business benefits across industries and around the globe,” explains Samuel Pasquier, VP of Product Management, Industrial IoT Networking, Cisco.

According to IOT Analytics, the global IoT market is projected to reach a potential $483 billion by 2027, an annual growth rate of 19 percent.

The companies say it will leverage NTT’s Edge as a Service portfolio and Cisco’s IoT capabilities. It will combine NTT’s managed services expertise, automation capabilities at the edge, and IT environment management with Cisco’s IoT capabilities, including LoRaWAN. These solutions promise to provide real-time data insights, enhanced security, improved decision-making, reduced operational costs, predictive maintenance, asset tracking and supply chain management.

NTT has strengthened its IoT consulting and services business with more than 1000 practitioners and 100 use cases, including digital twins, smart cities and connected cars. It has also trained 500 Cisco sales experts to improve the companies’ combined capabilities and market reach.

“We are accelerating our IoT business initiatives to deliver a powerful portfolio of repeatable services that can be tailored to meet customer demand for these kinds of solutions,” says Devin Yaung, SVP of Group Enterprise IoT Products and Services at NTT.

The two companies have already deployed these services to customers, including Compagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux (CILE), a public water distribution company in Belgium.

NTT and Cisco have deployed thousands of LoRaWAN sensors across CILE’s infrastructure as part of a managed service to improve operational efficiencies for water quality, consumption, distribution and maintenance. The solution also includes smart distribution networks, remote reading, smart grids, connected IoT objects and AI.

Additionally, the network provides a platform for other sustainability use cases such as waste management, parking management, water quality controls and street light controls.

“With NTT and Cisco’s support, we have real-time insights into our facilities and distribution networks, including faster detection of leaks, allowing us to respond to issues instantaneously and expand the network to other sustainability use cases,” says William de Angelis, the CIO and CDO at CILE.

Earlier this year, the two companies revealed plans for cooperating on the deployment of private 5G networks.

NTT is also doing fundamental research that will help bring new capabilities to IoT devices. A team of scientists from NTT Research, MIT and the Physics and Informatics (PHI) Lab recently showed a new technique called Netcast that utilizes optical technology for efficient execution of deep neural networks (DNNs). This method can enable more complex DNNs on resource-limited Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices.

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