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AT&T, Dell, VMware launch integrated 5G MEC solution for enterprises

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AT&T, Dell, VMware launch integrated 5G MEC solution for enterprises

Dell Technologies, AT&T and VMware have joined forces to launch a comprehensive 5G MEC solution.

Dell says the companies designed this integrated solution to make it easier for enterprises to deploy 5G networks quickly while also allowing them to scale up their infrastructure as needed. Most 5G MEC offerings to date have come as a service from a telco such as AT&T; creating a MEC offering for enterprise customers ties into broader efforts to get enterprises to build private 5G wireless networks.

Douglas Lieberman, the senior director of global solutions co-creation services at Dell, explains in a company blog that 5G and edge technologies present a challenge to enterprises. Specifically, edge tech requires specialized knowledge and skills beyond the typical plug-and-play Wi-Fi networking used in most wireless networks.

He states that MEC solutions add complexity because of their deployment, security, scalability and cloud application integration requirements. As a result, enterprises often lack the skills to manage both connectivity and compute needs, he asserts.

The 5G MEC solution from AT&T, Dell Technologies and VMware reduces the complexity of deploying and managing 5G edge networks, Leiberman says. It offers a range of features, including infrastructure-as-a-service, multi-cloud support and built-in migration for workloads running on VMware. In addition, it provides services and support from Dell Technologies and AT&T.

Dell says the solution applies to various industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities and healthcare. With 5G edge technology integration, Lieberman says customers can innovate faster and scale services quicker.

According to Dell, the bundled solution includes dedicated 5G connectivity, integrated secure network tools, application stacks and analytics and AI or machine learning potential. It also offers a single console for managing, deploying, monitoring and troubleshooting the entire MEC environment. Customers also have a choice between self-managed services or fully managed services.

Lieberman adds, “We’ve done more than demystify 5G for enterprises; we deliver it in a complete solution, wrapped up with a blue bow.”Last fall, Dell and Fujitsu partnered to develop multiple OpenRAN technologies for enterprise-level applications. The Open RAN initiatives aimed to help communication service providers fast-track Open RAN solution implementation, giving businesses a competitive advantage.

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