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Dell, Fujitsu collaborate on Open RAN solutions to help communication service providers

Dell, Fujitsu collaborate on Open RAN solutions to help communication service providers

Dell Technologies have teamed up with Fujitsu, a technology service company, to provide several co-developed technologies around OpenRAN for enterprise-scale applications. These Open RAN initiatives aim to help communication service providers to accelerate the adoption of Open RAN solutions to give organizations a competitive edge.

With the increase in edge computing applications that use 5G connectivity for manufacturing and industry 4.0. Because of this, CSVs are expected to adopt newer technologies, such as small cell solutions, virtualized RAN and Open RAN. Through the partnership between Dell and Fujitsu, CSVs will be able to design open networks with the technologies of their choice on Open RAN solutions.

“With Fujitsu’s ORAN technology, we’re bringing more value to communication service providers with access to a broad choice of ecosystem partners and price-performant technology for their open network deployments,” said Andrew Vaz, vice president of product management, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business.

Dell’s Open RAN accelerator card is designed for Dell PowerEdge and other 8086-based services that bring high performance to the radio access network ecosystem. As part of the collaboration, Fujitsu’s carrier-grade Open RAN radio units (RUs) will be integrated with the Dell Open RAN accelerator card.

There will also be a joint reference architecture that combines both companies’ expertise in open networking and radio access network. Some of these will include Fujitsu’s multi-band RUs, virtualized RAN, and lifecycle management software and Dell’s virtualized RAN and Open RAN accelerator card.

In other news, Dell Technologies and Wind River have developed a telecom cloud infrastructure to help communication service providers reduce the complexity of cloud-native network deployments. To accelerate its adoption, Dell’s telecom partner certification program will enable its customers to integrate their products in an open technology ecosystem.

“With our portfolio of software, solutions, development labs and partner programs, including our first open, telecom cloud-engineered system with Wind River, a leader in Open RAN deployments, we can partner with communications service providers globally to simplify their transition to cloud-native technologies,” said Dennis Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager, Dell Technologies Telecom Systems Business.

Using the Dell telecom infrastructure blocks, CSVs can reduce the time spent on planning, designing, validation, procurement and upgrade process. The solution will also reduce the cost and time spent on integrating and deploying infrastructure to the workloads. Enterprise customers will have 24-hour access to Dell experts for the entire process.

“We expect this new technology will simplify the design, deployment and management of networks, so new services on Open RAN can be delivered faster and more efficiently to customers,” said Andy Dunkin, head of OpenRAN RF and Digital Platforms, Vodafone.

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