Rai Way launches edge data center network across 20 regions in Italy

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Rai Way launches edge data center network across 20 regions in Italy

Italian-based Rai Way has announced its edge data center network, offering a platform of 18 edge data centers covering 20 regions across Italy.

Rai Way is the subsidiary of Italy’s state-owned broadcast and media company, Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI). Rai Way provides satellite, cellular and broadcast TV infrastructure services across Italy. The edge data center services offering is seen as a way to expand the company’s addressable market as content services increasingly move to digital formats.

Rai Way says it has a hyperscale data center in Rome to cater to the centralized computing needs of its edge data center network that is spread across the country.

The new network claims it can reduce latency to under five milliseconds from request to delivery. The energy-efficient data centers have modular layouts and use 100% renewable energy, with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2 to 1.3.

Rai Way says organizations need improved data management capabilities and faster processing speeds to support digital transformation. Further, the company explains that the centralized data center model is inadequate to meet this new demand as processing large amounts of data in a centralized location causes latency issues.

Edge data centers, typically smaller than traditional ones, are better distributed and allow data to be processed much closer to the end-users, thus reducing latency, Rai Way states.

According to company executives, its edge data centers can enable real-time functionality for various applications such as automated industrial systems, cloud gaming and telemedicine. Its goal is to be the first infrastructure operator to implement this nationally.

For example, the Rai Way Edge project will offer server housing services and applications to TLC operators, gaming companies, IoT providers, OTT providers and AI businesses. These services are available through a fiber optic backbone operated by Rai Way’s infrastructure subsidiary.

Edge DC Rai Way also complies with ANSI TIA 942 rating 3 and ISO/IEC TS 22237 standards and features earthquake-proof buildings and hot/cold aisle containment.

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