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HPE to acquire Axis Security to enhance its edge-to-cloud security

HPE to acquire Axis Security to enhance its edge-to-cloud security

HPE has announced the acquisition of Axis Security, a cloud security provider, to enhance its Aruba SASE solution by incorporating edge-to-cloud security capabilities. By combining Axis Security’s cloud features with the HPE Aruba SASE platform, the company can provide comprehensive networking and security solutions to customers as a service.

HPE’s goal is to cater to the growing market adoption of edge computing, which requires high performance and network security; the Axis offerings do this using distributed compute infrastructure much in the same fashion as CDN providers do. Indeed, Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly and other vendors have

According to HPE, Axis Security’s cloud-based platform will add to Aruba’s software-defined wide area network and network firewall capabilities. With the addition of the Zero Trust security feature, customers can exercise greater control over cloud security by applying it directly to the application at the network edge. HPE also intends to incorporate the Axis Security platform with the GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, a monthly subscription service.

“The convergence of Aruba and Axis Security solutions will transform edge-to-cloud connectivity with a comprehensive SASE solution that provides enterprises with the highest levels of security for both IoT devices and all users’ access across geographically distributed locations,” says Phil Mottram, executive vice president and general manager at HPE Aruba Networking.

SASE is Gartner’s name for secure access service edge, which is a combination of networking and security services that are primarily delivered through a cloud-based delivery model. SASE offerings, in theory, help simplify network management by offering highly customizable policy-based control that can be tailored by user identity, session context, and application needs for performance and security.

Atmos, a secure service edge platform by Axis Security, leverages 350 edge locations to connect users and servers. This platform combines features such as Zerop Trust network access, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker and digital experience monitoring into a unified cloud-native platform. The security solution uses AI to generate automated alerts and identify potential security events. Additionally, it offers data leakage prevention to safeguard sensitive data from being shared over the Internet.

“We developed Axis Security to enable a world where connectivity to every business resource, from anywhere, could always be simple, safe and reliable,” says Dor Knafo, the CEO of Axis Security.

Along with the aforementioned acquisition of Axis Security, HPE also revealed its purchase of Athonet, which will strengthen its private networking capabilities. The goal is to help customers adopt private cellular 5G connectivity to explore business opportunities. Through this integration, HPE will improve its private networks by combining the high capacity of Wi-Fi with the coverage and mobility of 5G, the company says.

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