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Armada secures over $55 million to tackle global digital inequality

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Armada secures over $55 million to tackle global digital inequality

Edge computing provider Armada emerges from stealth mode with a capital raise of over $55 million. Led by Founders Fund, Lux Capital, Shield Capital and 8090 Industries and other investors, Armada says it aims to redefine the future of connectivity, compute and AI.

The company notes that the investment money will help to bridge the global digital divide and empower businesses and communities to utilize their data, regardless of its origin.

By 2025, Gartner predicts that 75% of enterprise data will come from the edge. Armada says it focuses on unlocking the potential of generative AI, edge computing and predictive models worldwide. It offers an infrastructure solution for edge computing and satellite internet connectivity.

With deployability on both on-premise and cloud infrastructures, companies in remote regions can leverage generative AI and predictive models. Industries like utilities, infrastructure, military and mining can also enhance real-time processing and decision-making capabilities.

Armada co-founder and CEO Dan Wright, says: “What’s truly astounding is that vast swaths of the world still lack basic internet access, much less the ability to derive tangible value from their data. Armada’s mission is to bridge the digital divide once and for all, giving our customers the ability to solve their biggest problems.”

With respect to the company’s offerings, the Commander Platform is the central hub of Armada’s ecosystem, providing observability and management for edge operations. Armada Connect is an operating system for Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet-provider satellites, and future IoT devices.

Meanwhile, Armada Edge acts as a global command center for Galleons, connectivity, AI applications, and IoT assets. Armada EdgeAI offers a wide range of AI capabilities tailored to specific industries.

“There is an impossibly large volume of data created at the edge, and regrettably, virtually nothing is done with it,” explains Armada co-founder and chief operating officer Jon Runyan.

Armada is developing partnerships to expand AI and remote connectivity globally. They also have established an application marketplace and obtained SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance.

Earlier this year, Equinix pledged $100,000 to support World Pulse in addressing the gender gap in technology and digital access. World Pulse, a global social network powered by women, aims to bridge this digital divide and empower women worldwide.

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