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Arm buys stakes in Raspberry Pi, points out potential threat of RISC-V

Arm buys stakes in Raspberry Pi, points out potential threat of RISC-V

Arm Holdings has taken a minority stake in Raspberry Pi Limited, a UK-based manufacturer of embedded devices, as part of their ongoing partnership that began in 2008. Arm says that the increasing demand for edge computing, necessitates real-time processing and minimal latency.

According to Arm, Raspberry Pi’s product lineup offers high-performance computing hardware suitable for edge applications.

Raspberry Pi, which originally focused on students and enthusiasts, has expanded its offerings to include industrial computing devices, making them a popular choice in the embedded landscape. The growing software support for Raspberry Pi computers has attracted new developers due to their easy-to-use interface. In the latest update, Raspberry Pi has unveiled the Raspberry Pi 5, their flagship single-board computer, claimed twice the speed of its predecessor.

“Arm and Raspberry Pi share a vision to make computing accessible for all, by lowering barriers to innovation so that anyone, anywhere can learn, experience and create new IoT solutions,” says Paul Williamson, senior vice president and general manager of Internet of Things Line of Business at Arm.

This investment is widely thought to be in response to the expanding popularity of the open standard RISC-V instruction set architecture within the industry. Recently, Qualcomm disclosed its intentions to develop a RISC-V chipset for Android wearables in collaboration with Google. Additionally, Raspberry Pi competitors, such as Milk-V, a startup based in China, have shifted their focus toward creating a new line of computers powered by RISC-V technology.

“This strategic investment is further proof of our continued commitment to the developer community, and to our partnership with Raspberry Pi,” adds Williamson.

Representatives from both Arm and Raspberry Pi emphasize that while the rapid growth of edge computing and endpoint AI applications is evitable, Raspberry Pi has played a key role in driving the adoption of high performance IoT devices. Arm technology has been integral to the success of Raspberry Pi, and it will be seen in future products, the company says.

“Arm technology has always been central to the platforms we create, and this investment is an important milestone in our longstanding partnership,” says Eben Upton, chief executive officer of Raspberry Pi.

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