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Akamai launches edge computing platform and adds new cloud capabilities

Akamai launches edge computing platform and adds new cloud capabilities

Akamai, a cloud infrastructure services provider, has launched a cloud and edge computing platform intending to bring data closer to the source while enabling security and content delivery. Akamai Connected Cloud platform services will be available in the Asia Pacific-Japan region, where engineers can securely build high-performance edge applications.

“We’re taking a fundamentally different approach to cloud computing — building on 25 years of experience scaling and securing the internet for the biggest companies in the world,” said Dr. Tom Leighton, the co-founder and CEO of Akamai.

Akamai plans to add four new enterprise-scale core cloud computing sites in Chennai, Osaka, Jakarta and Auckland. This year, the company plans to build more core sites, with a total of 50+ sites identified all around the globe. Construction for these new locations will commence this year. Akamai’s new cloud computing services, acquired from Linode, will serve as the model for other core sites they plan to launch worldwide.

“The launch of Akamai Connected Cloud comes at a time where the Asia Pacific and Japan region continues to experience rapid advancements in digital transformation,” said Parimal Pandya, the senior vice president of sales and managing director, Asia-Pacific.

According to one of the reports from IDC, the public cloud services market in Asia/Pacific is predicted to reach $165B in 2026.

The company says that the Akamai Connected Cloud platform is validated with ISO, SOC 2 and HIPAA standards for optimal security. Understanding the burgeoning volume of data in cloud computing, Akamai has developed its compliance protocols to allow customers to transfer their workloads seamlessly between public clouds and Akamai.

“Akamai’s innovative rethinking of how it gets done — and how it is architecting the Akamai Connected Cloud — puts it in a unique position to usher in an exciting new era for technology and to help enterprises build, deploy, and secure distributed applications,” said Dave McCarthy, Research VP, IDC.

Additionally, Akamai will allow its customers and partners to build solution-based services that are interoperable with Akamai Connected Cloud. The company says that Akamai technology partners who have undergone a rigorous qualification process will deliver the services, providing them the capability to deploy and scale worldwide.

Last year, Akamai invested in Macrometa Corporation, a data network and edge computing service provider, to integrate Akamai cloud computing with Macrometa’s global data network to allow developers to build enterprise applications that make use of edge computing services.

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