ACL Digital, partner to improve drone technology leveraging edge computing

ACL Digital, partner to improve drone technology leveraging edge computing

ACL Digital has entered into a strategic partnership with to advance drone technology with the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. By embedding these technologies into drones, the goal is to expand the capabilities of drones, particularly in terms of autonomous navigation and task execution.

According to ACL Digital, drones equipped with AI can autonomously learn from their surroundings, adapt to changing conditions, and make decisions in real-time, which is crucial for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions. is developing an AI-powered autonomous drone solution designed for BVLOS operations. This solution uses artificial intelligence to enable drones to make smart decisions, navigate through complex environments, and perform tasks with minimal human interventions. A significant aspect of this solution is the incorporation of intelligent routing algorithms, designed to optimize drone flight paths for maximum efficiency and safety.

“The ability to fly drones Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) represents the next big opportunity for commercial drone operators,” says Rajesh Rasalkar, co-founder at

By processing and analyzing data on the fly, drones can make immediate decisions based on the current information available. This capability is critical for applications that demand prompt action, including surveillance, inspection, and search and rescue operations.

This collaboration is designed to provide drone operators and service providers with advanced AI and ML solutions that enhance the drones’ ability to perform more complex tasks with greater autonomy and predictions.

“This collaboration brings together ACL Digital’s proven expertise in product engineering and system integration capabilities with’s cutting-edge AI technology,” says Ramandeep Singh, chief executive officer at ACL Digital. “This powerful combination will help us to provide innovative drone solutions that bolster safety measures, revolutionize operations, and create new opportunities across various industries.”

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