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5G and edge tech power transatlantic holographic meeting

5G and edge tech power transatlantic holographic meeting

The 5G Future Forum (5GFF) and Matsuko announced the completion of the first-ever real-time transatlantic holographic meeting enabled by 5G and edge computing technology.

The demonstration connected participants from New York, Toronto and London through lifelike holograms via Verizon, Bell Canada and Vodafone’s 5G networks, respectively.

It was viewable at the GSMA Open Gateway Zone at the Mobile World Congress Las Vegas. Open Gateway is an initiative by GSMA to provide developers with universal access to operator networks via a framework of common network Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs).

It has over 30 signatories from leading mobile network operators, representing more than 60% of the global mobile connections. The 5GFF and Open Gateway work closely with Linux Foundation’s Camara, sharing a joint vision of a worldwide Open API ecosystem.

Michael Szakala, the DevOps leader from Maatsuko, praises the simplicity and interoperability provided by Edge Discovery Service APIs, saying that it “amplifies product performance, such as reduced latency, expanded bandwidth, which provides enhanced holographic experiences for our customers.”

Interest in holographic communication has been growing, as avatars lack the full range of human emotions and presence that can be conveyed through human holograms. According to the companies, advances in 5G and edge computing technology by telecom operators help achieve the natural movement of holograms, opening up various use cases across industries.

Giorgio Migliarina, the Vodafone group director of business products and services, emphasizes the significance of multi-party holographic calling, stating it could “make people feel more connected and productive, whether collaborating across classrooms, offices, hospitals or at home.

At the conference, various related events also took place, such as developer engagement workshops, industry pioneer insights and the announcement of the Open Gateway Developer Challenge that will run until MWC Barcelona 2024. The 5GFF also participated in the “Why Create Future Ready Services” panel.

This April, the 5G Future Forum and Open Sesame Media recently showcased a cross-operator music jam session using AWS multi-access edge compute technologies. The performance achieved low latency across Verizon, Rogers, Vodafone’s 5G networks and Open Sesame’s SyncStage audio pipeline. The demonstration introduced a new reference pattern for multi-edge, multi-region applications with the use of an interoperable Edge Discovery Service API.

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