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AWS Wavelength, Open Sesame’s SyncStage enable multi-country music jam session over 5G

AWS Wavelength, Open Sesame’s SyncStage enable multi-country music jam session over 5G

The 5G Future Forum and Open Sesame Media recently demonstrated a cross-operator music jam session, made notable by the fact that the jam was orchestrated using AWS multi-access edge compute technologies line AWS Outposts and AWS Wavelength.

Amazon says this performance achieved low latency with Verizon, Rogers, Vodafone’s 5G networks and Open Sesame’s SyncStage audio pipeline. The successful demonstration also unlocked a new reference pattern for multi-edge, multi-region applications using an interoperable Edge Discovery Service API.

According to Amazon, real-time applications such as video conferencing, live streaming, or gaming rely on end users’ access medium to deliver an optimal experience. However, long-distance data transmission can lead to latency issues. Audio sync applications must be designed to effectively manage the delay and synchronize audio streams for a successful user experience.

Similarly, Amazon says that minimizing audio latency is essential for musicians to collaborate in real time.

Open Sesame Media is a B2B venture providing low-latency synchronized audio to application developers via its SyncStage digital audio platform. According to Amazon, this platform, combined with 5GFF’s Edge Discovery Service (EDS) APIs, allows musicians to collaborate in real-time despite being hundreds of miles apart.

Julian McCrea, the CEO of Open Sesame, states, “For our specific implementation, we used the Edge Discovery API to work with musicians in each of the three countries, using SyncStage. That ability to be frictionless for the end musician – for them to be able to open their phone, find another musician, and start jamming and performing (with the Edge Discovery API helping them find the correct Edge location in each territory) – makes collaboration borderless with SyncStage.”

The 5GFF collaboration comes on the heels of the GSMA’s efforts to create APIs that will enable new cross-operator services. GSMA Open Gateway is a framework of application programmable interfaces (APIs) providing universal access to operator networks for developers. The initiative has the support of 21 mobile network operators.

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