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Zenlayer launches port-based purchasing model for network management needs

Zenlayer launches port-based purchasing model for network management needs

Hyperconnected cloud company Zenlayer has unveiled its latest initiative at the International Telecoms Week 2024, aiming to simplify network management for IT professionals. The company’s new port-based purchasing model is designed to cater to the landscape of modern network infrastructure.

In the past, Zenlayer relied on bespoke solutions to meet customer demands, when unexpected needs arise. The company says that the introduction of the port-based, self-service purchasing model eradicates delays. Users can now adjust their network configurations and scale up as needed in real-time.

The port within Zenlayer’s cloud networking framework also offers direct entry to Zenlayer’s global network fabric, granting access to a range of cloud and networking services. These services encompass IP transit, interconnections with data centers and public clouds, edge computing via bare metals and virtual machines, layer 2 and layer 3 networking services, among others.

The port-based model holds distinct advantages for various segments, including managed service providers, cloud service providers and enterprises.

Additionally, the new model offers a solution for all networking requirements. By provisioning a port through Zenlayer, businesses can streamline their operations, expedite expansions, and exercise full control over their network assets, according to the company.

The model also leverages Zenlayer’s global backbone, comprising over 300 edge nodes in more than 50 countries, and a hyperconnected network fabric in emerging markets featuring over 300 cloud onramps and connections with over 10,000 global peers.

The new solution aims to help organizations with intricate infrastructure needs that demand frequent scaling or configuration adjustments, and companies eyeing expansion into emerging markets, notably in Asia.

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