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Zenlayer and Hut 8 exclusively talks edge compute advancements in Canada and beyond

Zenlayer and Hut 8 exclusively talks edge compute advancements in Canada and beyond

Following the recent collaboration between Zenlayer, a hyperconnected cloud company, and Hut 8, a High Performance Computing solutions provider, EdgeIR will be hosting a live LinkedIn event to uncover what the partnership will entail and future plans in specific relation to Canada.

Last year, both companies announced their partnership to bring global edge cloud services provider Zenlayer to Canada. So far, the pair reveal that the collaboration will enable Hut 8 customers to deploy and run their applications using Zenlayer’s edge cloud platform, and in turn, Zenlayer’s customers will have access to the Canadian market. This is made possible through Zenlayer deploying additional cloud regions with Hut 8 at their Kelowna and Mississauga data centers.

A year on and both companies are keen to share the progress they have made together during the LinkedIn live interview on December 14, 2023, 1:30-2:30pm EST, as EdgeIR’s Abigail Ruth Opiah brings together this dynamic partnership between Zenlayer’s Jeff Geiser and Hut 8’s Joshua Rayner.

Both companies will discuss their edge compute offerings, trends in Canada where edge infrastructure will play a big role, and how edge will play a big role across various industries and sectors in the foreseeable future.

Edge computing in Canada is gaining momentum as businesses recognize its potential to enhance efficiency and reduce latency in data processing. The vast geography of Canada, with its remote and diverse regions, makes edge computing crucial for optimizing data management. Industries such as agriculture, mining, and healthcare benefit from localized data processing, enabling real-time decision-making and improving overall operational performance.

As Canada continues to embrace emerging technologies, the adoption of edge computing is seen as a strategic move to harness the power of data at the source, paving the way for innovation, scalability, and improved digital infrastructure across the nation.

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