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Zenlayer and Telin to ramp up edge computing solution offerings to customers

Zenlayer and Telin to ramp up edge computing solution offerings to customers

Telin, a provider of international carrier voice and data services, and Zenlayer, a hyperconnected cloud company, have recently solidified their partnership through a commitment letter to offer edge computing services on Telin’s digital platform. The collaboration, according to Telin and Zenlayer, seeks to capitalize on the strengths of both companies in cloud infrastructure to deliver edge computing solutions to enterprises worldwide.

The signing ceremony, presided over by Azmal Yahya, Telin’s SVP product, and Joe Zhu, Zenlayer’s founder and CEO, signifies the joint dedication of both entities to fostering innovation and expanding Telin’s digital platform capabilities. By combining their expertise, they aim to introduce a range of cloud products tailored to meet the evolving needs of global clients.

In today’s business environment, organizations are grappling with increasing demands for flexibility and low latency solutions, driven by the rapid digitalization of markets and the proliferation of data-driven applications. Consequently, there is a growing reliance on adaptable infrastructure capable of swiftly accommodating changing requirements, thereby ensuring competitiveness.

According to Statista, network design, deployment, and maintenance are expected to attract approximately 30 percent of total combined investment in primary edge computing use cases in 2023.

The collaboration between Telin and Zenlayer also serves as a strategic response to the escalating demand for edge computing solutions amidst ongoing modernization of cloud computing and telecommunication infrastructure.

Through Telin’s user-friendly digital platform, which offers flexibility and instant provisioning, both companies anticipate that more customers will soon gain expedited access to edge computing resources. The pair say that the initiative underscores the commitment of Telin and Zenlayer to driving innovation and empowering enterprises to navigate the evolving landscape of digital transformation effectively.

Telin and Zenlayer have previously announced a collaboration venture in 2022. The two organizations unveiled plans to collaborate on developing a digital connectivity platform that would provide on-demand subsea cable services.

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