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Zella DC, Laser Light, HALO to evolve edge data center model for remote communities

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Zella DC, Laser Light, HALO to evolve edge data center model for remote communities

In a bid to address the gap in data services reaching remote and under-served communities, Australian-based Zella DC is teaming up with Laser Light Communications Inc and its Australian affiliate, HALO. The joint effort aims to overhaul the traditional edge data center model, making data services more accessible.

The partners highlight that communities situated far from major data centers often face inadequate or nonexistent service provision. Through their collaboration, Zella DC, Laser Light, and HALO aim to rectify this disparity.

Zella DC is known for its micro data center solutions, which prioritize energy efficiency, robustness, and adaptability across various environments, from urban centers to remote and harsh locations worldwide. The collaboration with Laser Light and HALO is expected to yield a micro data center pod capable of operating in extreme conditions without compromising functionality.

Laser Light and HALO are introducing a global networking platform designed to evolve accessibility to high-volume data services for under-served communities. Their platform incorporates satellites, terrestrial fiber, subsea cable systems, micro data facilities, and AI-powered operating software. By integrating Zella DC’s edge modular data centers into their network, Laser Light and HALO plan to expand their service offerings to cater to communities at the edge of the network.

Angie Keeler, CEO and co-founder of Zella DC, expresses pride in contributing to the project, emphasizing the importance of technological advancements in bridging the data gap.

The partners plan to manufacture these modular data centers in Australia for both domestic use and export to over 300 locations worldwide. This project is expected to generate employment opportunities in Perth and Sydney, contributing to Australia’s technological advancement and global standing in data infrastructure.

“With artificial intelligence and other application latency requirements increasing the needs of businesses to extend their clouds to the far edge of the networks, this extension of our service portfolio, levers our investment in next-generation data infrastructures to include not just networking but also computing resources. Zella DC’s micro data pods will be good for our customers, the environment, and our business,” adds Bob Brumley, chairman and CEO of Laser Light.

“By collaborating with an industry leader, Zella DC, we are able to take advantage of their unique experience and expertise as well as to extend commitment – investment, and staffing – to the Australian market.”

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