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AICRAFT, Scanway Space to develop space technology for methane detection at the edge

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AICRAFT, Scanway Space to develop space technology for methane detection at the edge

South Australian artificial intelligence (AI) company AICRAFT has secured a contract with European imaging firm Scanway Space. The partnership aims to deliver an innovative edge computing module for integration into Scanway Space’s space optical payload. This payload is designed to detect methane plumes, a crucial aspect of environmental monitoring.

The collaboration between AICRAFT and Scanway Space comes as part of a larger project involving NARA Space, a South Korean company currently spearheading Korea’s first constellation of microsatellites dedicated to methane monitoring, known as the NarSha project. As part of this initiative, Scanway Space will develop and supply a dual optical payload to NARA Space Technology.

In this project, AICRAFT’s edge computing module will be used to process visible, near-infrared, and short-wave infrared data directly on orbit, according to the company, in a bid to enhance the effectiveness of methane plume detection from space.

Scanway Space’s COO Mikolaj Podgorsk, says: “Working with AICRAFT is enabling us to deliver a unique payload for the NarSha project with much flexibility to process many types of imagery data effectively. We are excited to explore what can be achieved onboard the satellite that would help on Earth.”

The edge computing device, a tailored version of AICRAFT’s pulsar data handling unit, will feature interfaces compatible with Scanway Space’s imagers and NARA Space’s satellite bus. Additionally, AICRAFT’s cloud coverage estimation and compression algorithms will optimize data downlink and improve customer service.

Dr. Tony Scoleri, CEO of AICRAFT, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential impact on climate change mitigation efforts in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Scanway Space’s COO, Mikolaj Podgorski, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the versatility and effectiveness of the payload being developed for the NarSha project.

The collaboration between AICRAFT, Scanway Space, and NARA Space also aims to leverage AI and space technology for environmental monitoring and climate action.

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