Xailient, Hualai develop smart cameras with focus on improved security and privacy

Xailient, Hualai develop smart cameras with focus on improved security and privacy

Xailient, a software provider specializing in AI computer vision products, has formed a strategic alliance with Hualai Technology, a developer of smart home security and automation solutions. Their joint efforts focus on developing a low cost smart home camera, prioritizing on improved security and privacy. This collaboration responds to the growing concern around the privacy of biometric data in smart home devices.

In this partnership, Hualai Technology contributes its expertise by providing smart cameras that are integrated with AWS cloud solution. Concurrently, Xailient leverages its scalable and privacy-compliant computer vision software solution. Together, their goal is to lower the barriers to enter the smart home devices market. These devices are not only equipped with advanced edge computing technology but also adhere to regulatory standards.

“We are excited to collaborate with Hualai to bring the next generation of smart cameras to market,” says Lars Oleson, chief executive officer of Xailient. “Our combined expertise empowers businesses to harness profitable growth in their smart camera strategy.”

Xailient explains that their approach addresses privacy and data security concerns by utilizing edge processing. This method minimizes the risks involved in data transmission. Additionally, the solution incorporates data encryption, user consent mechanisms, and adherence to privacy policies. According to Xailient, these features ensure the security of the data captured by smart cameras.

Both Xailient and Hualai Technology acknowledge the tightening of privacy regulations in various regions. Their hardware solution offers enhanced management of data collection methods. It enables organizations using the smart cameras to have control over the timing, location, and purpose of data collection. Xailient asserts that these features help ensure that companies comply with regional data privacy laws and regulations.

“Hualai’s partnership with Xailient will enable Privacy Complaint AI automation for smart camera designs capable of driving the ultimate experience of services,” says Foresto Zhang, general manager of Hualai Global Enterprise Product and Sevice Soluton Business Unit, “together, we provide more robust, more cost-effective, and more scalable smart camera solutions with a quick time to market.”

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