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VAST Data unveils software update, key enhancements in hybrid cloud data management

VAST Data unveils software update, key enhancements in hybrid cloud data management

VAST Data, a company specializing in data platforms, has announced an updated version of its software platform, enhancing hybrid cloud data management. Their upgrade introduces AI-powered event detection and real-time monitoring, improving system efficiency and reliability. The update is especially advantageous for users of Amazon Web Services, offering provisioning tools for AWS hybrid cloud development that are important for effective cloud resource management.

According to VAST Data, the software version 5.0 is capable of cost saving of up to 80 percent on AWS cloud. This cost efficiency can be linked to improved data storage and better utilization of cloud resource. Merv Adrian, principal at IT Market Strategy, has analyzed these cost savings in a detailed report. His finding show that most users of the VAST Data platform on AWS experience a minimum data reduction ratio of 3:1, indicating the efficient use of native cloud resources.

“Today we’re enabling customers to quickly deploy VAST across AWS regions and establish inter-cluster relationships for data availability – making it that much easier for cloud-native organizations to take advantage of the VAST Data Platform,” says Jeff Denworth, co-founder of VAST Data.

VAST Data addresses the challenge faced by large enterprises in managing different data types, traditionally requiring separate solutions. The VAST Data platform enables the consolidation of both structured and unstructured data management. This unified approach allows for efficiently handling of databases, files, and large data analytics across various cloud service providers.

Another feature of VAST Data platform that comes with the latest software is its machine learning-driven anomaly detection. This functionality enables companies to monitor and report unusual behavior. Such capabilities are particularly crucial for early detection of security threats, including ransomware attacks or suspicious API activities. The platform reports these anomalies to the administrator, facilitating prompt response against potential security risks.

VAST Data has recently made key leadership changes, announcing Marianne Budnik as the new chief marketing officer and Stacey Cast as the vice president of Global Operations.

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