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Wind River brings DevSecOps capabilities to its Studio Developer edge-to-cloud platform

Wind River brings DevSecOps capabilities to its Studio Developer edge-to-cloud platform

The Wind River Studio Developer has been upgraded to include DevSecOps capabilities for intelligent edge systems. Some additions to the Studio Developer include automated testing, over-the-air updates, pipelines, and a digital feedback loop.

With its modular design and feature set, Wind River Studio Developer represents a compelling option for companies looking to implement DevSecOps practices in their embedded and edge computing environments.

“It helps solve the challenges of managing complexity in modern software development environments, using a cloud-native platform that helps improve efficiency, manage costs, increase quality, and accelerate delivery timeframes,” says Avijit Sinha, president of Wind River.

Wind River recognizes that transitioning to a DevSecOps model may take time, and their platform accommodates this gradual process. Software teams can improve workflows and processes incrementally with the support of cloud-native tools integrated into existing software development infrastructure.

Sinha continues, “Unlike other DevSecOps platforms, Studio Developer was designed specifically for software teams developing embedded/edge software, saving them the time and hassle of adopting and maintaining generic software tools to fit their specific needs.”

Aptiv, a global mobility company, reports that the workflow performance in software building and scanning processes improved from 20 percent to over 40 percent with the implementation of Studio Developer.

Hyundai Mobis has opted for Wind River Studio to accelerate the development of software-defined vehicles. Sinha says, “Software is at the center of enabling the reality of a more connected and autonomous future.”

DevSecOps leverages scalable cloud resources and capabilities to the edge, focusing on software-defined life cycles and emphasizing automation and security.

Wind River recently conducted a webinar explaining why scale automation is important for telco transformation to a 5G V-RAN network. The company also demonstrated the automation for deployment and upgrade procedures of the Wind River CaaS platform.

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