Webinar: Two-speed IT for the digital restaurant

Webinar: Two-speed IT for the digital restaurant

Webinar: Two-speed IT for the digital restaurant

8th February 2023, Virtual
10.00-10.30 EST / 15.00-15.30 GMT  / 16.00-16.30 CET

A conversation about how to make sure diverse application stacks won’t stand in the way of digital transformation in restaurants.

Fast casual & quick service restaurants face new and high expectations on digital solutions today. While most restaurant IT teams operate some restaurant applications in the cloud, multiple applications also run locally at the restaurant location. Typically, those applications include a combination of legacy Windows applications running in VMs as well as innovative container applications. As restaurant locations can be tens, hundreds, or even thousands, the management of those applications risks causing complexity. In fact, no less than 53% of restaurants state that high operational costs are their single biggest challenge.



Carl Moberg, CTO and co-founder, Avassa – Carl has spent many years solving for automation and orchestration. He started building customer service platforms for ISPs back when people used dial-up for their online activities. He then moved on to focus on making multi-vendor networks programmable through model-driven architectures. Now CTO and co-founder at Avassa, he spends his days obsessing over how to deliver a distributed edge control plane that developers and platform teams love.


Andrew Brewerton, COO, Sunlight – Andy is responsible for the go-to-market and routes to-market strategy at Sunlight, and has over 30 years of experience in development, sales, marketing, and strategy functions at high growth infrastructure companies. Andy was an early-stage employee of Nutanix and helped drive strategy and build a partner ecosystem as the company “created” the HCI market. Before that he had a number of senior management positions after selling the IP of his own company to Bakbone.


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