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Lanner Electronics, Telco Systems, Cvedia demonstrate Smart Retail solution with edge AI

Lanner Electronics, Telco Systems, Cvedia demonstrate Smart Retail solution with edge AI

Lanner Electronics, Telco Systems and Cvedia have teamed up to accelerate the adoption of computer vision technology. All parties have agreed to leverage each other’s edge computing strengths to showcase a smart retail solution.

The companies have joined forces to exhibit Telco Systems’ Edgility platform for edge computing on the Lanner IIoT-I530, a compact edge AI appliance. This technology can efficiently process computer vision AI tasks such as object detection and image classification, through Cvedia’s video analytics capabilities.

The approach reveals how edge computing can process and analyze real-time video data without needing constant connectivity and extensive processing in the cloud. The companies say that by leveraging this strategy, retail customers can now integrate computer vision technology into their SD-WAN networks with ease and cost efficiency.

“We are excited to collaborate with Telco Systems and Cvedia to showcase the capabilities of edge computing with computer vision AI,” said Jeans Tseng, the CTO of Lanner Electronics. “By leveraging our hardware expertise with Edgility’s edge virtualization and Cveida’s computer vision processing, we are able to demonstrate how edge computing can provide real-time insights in a wide range of environments to help organizations in various industries improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.”

An example on display showcases an AI model that can conduct trend analysis from video camera footage in real-time, using purpose-built AI software. The objective is to show edge computing’s ability to handle vast amounts of video data in real time.

The companies will display the demonstration at Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona from January 31st to February 3rd. The goal is to demonstrate how edge computing can transform various industries by processing real-time data with low latency and accuracy.

“By processing data at the edge with the help of Lanner’s hardware and Telco Systems’ Edgility platform, our video analytics technology can deliver real-time AI insights, reducing latency and enabling organizations to make faster, more informed decisions,” said Arjan Wijnveen, CEO and co-founder at Cvedia.

Last year, Lanner Electronics collaborated with Cvedia to release AI solutions for traffic monitoring, designed for video intelligence at the edge for smart traffic and smart city applications.

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