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Vultr amplifies eco-friendly tech with new NVIDIA GPU expansion at Sabey Data Centers

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Vultr amplifies eco-friendly tech with new NVIDIA GPU expansion at Sabey Data Centers

Vultr, a privately held cloud computing platform, is expanding its Seattle data center region at Sabey Data Centers’ SDC Columbia location with new NVIDIA HGX H100 GPU clusters.

Vultr’s new expansion provides customers with HGX H100 clusters for AI workloads and the cleanest cloud GPU option, helping them achieve ESG goals efficiently. A GPU cluster consists of computers, with each node featuring a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). GPU Clusters use parallel processing to break tasks into sub-parts processed simultaneously by each GPU.

Data distribution is optimized to prevent bottlenecks, with memory storage in each node. High-speed interconnects manage data transfer, maximizing unit efficiency and reducing idle time.

Vultr says its hydro-powered expansion demonstrates a commitment to aiding organizations in reaching AI innovation and ESG goals by offering NVIDIA HGX H100 capacity in a clean US data center.

Sabey, a US data center operator, targets net-zero carbon emissions by 2029. Their Columbia site, run on sustainable hydropower, is part of their eco-friendly initiative. Sabey notes that SDC Columbia, the region’s most efficient data center, has a 100 energy star rating for three years.

According to J.J. Kardwell, the CEO of Constant, Vultr’s parent company, the rise of AI has led to a demand for efficient cloud GPU infrastructure by enterprises and AI innovators. Kardwell adds that selecting Sabey to expand NVIDIA GPU capacity aligns with reducing the carbon footprint of AI operations.

“This clean, renewable, hydro-powered data center enables Vultr to deliver cloud GPUs optimized to meet the needs of customers with the highest standards for compliance, sustainability, and price-to-performance,” states Kardwell.

Constant, the parent company of Vultr, aims to provide easy, affordable and locally accessible cloud computing for global businesses and developers. With cloud computing, cloud GPU, bare metal and cloud storage, Vultr says it caters to over 1.5 million customers in 185 countries.

Sabey Data Centers is a critical player in the US data center market, offering over four million square feet of mission-critical space. Specializing in efficient, custom-built solutions, Sabey serves top tech, financial and healthcare firms with sustainable services.

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