Vultr advances global reach with new CDN solution for media-rich content

Vultr advances global reach with new CDN solution for media-rich content

Vultr has introduced Vultr CDN, a content delivery network designed for media-rich digital experiences. By leveraging its global infrastructure across six continents, Vultr CDN says it offers fast and secure content delivery while enhancing the overall digital experience.

The company notes that delivering timely and relevant customer information is vital for business success. The consumerization movement emphasizes the need for quick and efficient content delivery. Falling behind may result in losing customers to competitors who can meet these demands.

Legacy CDNs were designed for more straightforward, lightweight content. That said, their complexity and management challenges hinder infrastructure optimization for enterprises and web developers.

Vultr CDN offers instant access to a robust and global content delivery network. It revolutionizes cloud infrastructure deployments with advanced content distribution features that optimize operations and provide excellent cost-effectiveness. The company says its bandwidth costs are $10 per month.

Vultr CDN aims to offer fast, secure and reliable content distribution with features like content acceleration, API caching and image optimization. Integration with Vultr Cloud Compute enables intelligent scaling for optimal user request response.

Vultr CDN prioritizes security and compliance, safeguarding digital assets with AI Blocking, Bad Bots Blocking, and security standards.

Vultr CDN integrates with popular CMS platforms, reducing latency and ensuring content is delivered at the edge. It offers global object caching, improving website and application responsiveness across six continents, the company says.

In 2023, Vultr introduced the Vultr GPU Stack and Container Registry. This new offering aims to empower enterprises and digital startups to build, test, and operationalize AI models at scale.

The company introduces GPU Stack for instant provisioning of NVIDIA GPUs and the Vultr Container Registry, providing global access to pre-trained NVIDIA NGC models for on-demand AI development, training, and inference.

Vultr’s GPU Stack and Container Registry, available in 32 cloud data center locations across six continents, aims to boost speed, collaboration, and the deployment of AI and ML models.

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