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Vapor IO to inject pervasive AI at the edge into the city of Las Vegas

Vapor IO to inject pervasive AI at the edge into the city of Las Vegas

Vapor IO plans to bring pervasive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the city of Las Vegas, with an initiative that will see the implementation of computer vision and private 5G technologies on the edge colocation provider’s Kinetic Grid platform.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform aims to harness the power of AI to process data closer to its source, reduce latency and ensure real-time responses. The company says this will empower Las Vegas to deploy applications that require instant decision-making, from traffic management to public safety.

Speaking on pervasive AI at the edge, Cole Crawford, CEO and founder of Vapor IO says that the collaboration with Las Vegas is a testament to the company’s commitment to driving innovations and providing cities with the tools they need to become smarter, safer and more efficient.

“As cities around the world look to modernize their infrastructure and services, the integration of AI at the edge becomes paramount,” he adds.

Vapor IO’s pervasive AI includes advanced computer vision which will allow the city to analyze video feeds in real-time, enable applications such as crowd monitoring, predictive maintenance of public utilities, and security measures.

The Kinetic Grid platform will also feature a private 5G network for secure connectivity for all edge applications. Predicting the benefits, Vapor IO says this will pave the way for the city of Las Vegas to introduce next-generation services and applications that demand high bandwidth and low latency.

“The City of Las Vegas is always at the forefront of leveraging technology to enhance the lives of its residents and visitors,” says Michael Sherwood, chief innovation and technology officer at city of Las Vegas.

“Partnering with Vapor IO to bring pervasive AI to the edge is a significant step in our journey to become a truly smart city.”

The collaboration is expected to set a precedent for other cities globally, with an end goal of revealing the potential of edge computing and AI in transforming urban landscapes.

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