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Vapor IO eyes $180 billion market with new ‘Monetize the AI Edge’ initiative

Vapor IO eyes $180 billion market with new ‘Monetize the AI Edge’ initiative

Vapor IO, an edge networking and AI company, has launched a “Monetize the AI Edge” partner project.

This program aims to accelerate the availability of real-time AI by offering bundled AI services through Vapor IO’s shared and neutral host infrastructure.

Vapor IO says its solution transforms the edge AI landscape by eliminating the need for expensive on-premises servers and storage. With its Kinetic Grid Platform, Vapor IO states partners can offer edge AI services without capital investment or data center management.

Rodney Foreman, CRO at Vapor IO, emphasizes that the Monetize the AI Edge program focuses on fostering a mutually beneficial and enduring partnership beyond just technology.

“Whether you are a GSI, MSP, VAR, agent or referral partner, our unique ecosystem can accommodate your specific needs,” Forman states.

Vapor IO says it expands on its success of bringing pervasive AI to Las Vegas by creating a multi-vendor supply chain of pre-integrated, end-to-end AI services. These services can be bundled into other products or sold individually.

Currently, Vapor IO is leveraging edge AI to build applications for video processing. Use cases include public safety, video security, retail and manufacturing. For example, real-time AI detects unusual behavior, monitors suspicious activity, improves inventory tracking and enhances quality control.

Channel partners are recognizing the growing demand for real-time AI services, according to Cole Crawford, CEO and founder of Vapor IO. They can accelerate their revenue goals by joining Vapor’s Monetize Edge AI channel program.

“Our shared-infrastructure model means application providers can deliver new real-time services at a significantly lower cost than other alternatives and with a SaaS-like pay-as-you-go business model,” Crawford adds.

A recent Tolaga Research report on the addressable market for edge AI in the 36 U.S. markets where Vapor IO operates estimates a total value of approximately $180 billion by 2028.

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