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Telco Systems’ Edgility clinches ‘Best Business App Platform of 2023’ title

Telco Systems’ Edgility clinches ‘Best Business App Platform of 2023’ title

Telco Systems, a provider of vendor-neutral hybrid edge computing solutions, has been awarded “Best Business App Deployment & Lifecycle Management Platform 2023” by The Business Concept for its Edgility platform.

The Business Concept says the award recognizes achievements by businesses for ongoing excellence within specific domains.

Edgility is a connected edge computing platform that offers a dual-purpose solution for deploying and managing edge devices. Kubernetes integration enables versatile workloads by combining containers and virtual machines for increased flexibility and efficiency, the company says. The platform’s multi-tenancy support ensures secure data separation and enhanced data security. Additionally, AI acceleration reduces data transfer costs and latency for real-time applications.

Ariel Efrati, the CEO of Telco Systems, expresses gratitude for receiving the ‘Best Business App Deployment & Lifecycle Management Platform 2023’ award. Efrati says the acknowledgment reflects the team’s commitment to creating solutions that cater to the ever-changing demands of businesses.

“Edgility empowers our customers to streamline operations, reduce costs, deliver exceptional service, and efficiently manage large-scale edge deployments,” he adds. “We remain committed to driving the success of our partners and customers.”

Targeting service providers and large organizations, Telco Systems says Edgility simplifies the deployment, administration and operational management of edge devices spread across multiple locations. Its scalable management and orchestration design allows efficient oversight and maintenance of an edge infrastructure crucial for delivering high-bandwidth, low latency applications and services.

The Business Concept, a quarterly publication, offers insights and features on successful businesses in the digital realm.

Telco Systems provides communications software products for edge computing and enterprise networks. According to the company, they enable global enterprises, service providers and system integrators to build and operate virtual networks with powerful edge devices.

In August, Telco Systems was also recognized as one of the top companies to watch in 2023 by ‘Insights Success’. With a focus on the NFVi operating system, Telco Systems says it aims to streamline business apps, network functions and computing devices at scale.

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