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Revamped Kubernetes monitoring by Grafana Labs aims to cut costs and boost observability

Revamped Kubernetes monitoring by Grafana Labs aims to cut costs and boost observability

Grafana Labs, an open and composable operational dashboard provider, has announced new capabilities for its Grafana Cloud platform. These updates aim to help Kubernetes platform teams minimize cloud expenses and provide a more unified monitoring experience across cloud-native infrastructure.

Last year, Grafana Labs introduced Kubernetes Monitoring to its fully managed observability platform, Grafana Cloud. This solution allows users to install the Grafana Agent into Kubernetes clusters and automatically ship metrics to Grafana Cloud. As a result, users gain access to Kubernetes metrics, logs and events through pre-built dashboards and alerts.

The latest updates rolled out by Grafana Labs include several new features. One of them is the addition of cost monitoring, which integrates with the CNCF sandbox project, OpenCost. The feature allows platform teams to measure infrastructure spending on Kubernetes deployments across multi-cloud environments.

Another update is the introduction of out-of-the-box Kubernetes Traces. Grafana Cloud is experimenting with scraping traces for Kubernetes clusters and sending the data to Grafana Tempo for visualization.

Additionally, Grafana Labs has introduced a new landing page specifically for Kubernetes monitoring. This landing page provides a predefined view that consolidates issues in Kubernetes infrastructure.

Tom Wilkie, Grafana Labs CTO and CNCF governing board member notes the challenges that Kubernetes raises for platform engineers: “Teams have to use multiple different platforms to cover the full breadth of cost monitoring, system health, incident management and related K8s infrastructure concerns.

“We believe that Grafana Cloud, our fully managed offering that makes it easier to get started with observability and includes a generous forever-free tier, gives platform teams more insight under one roof than any other observability tool for Kubernetes environments.”

Additional updates include streamlined Helm installation, monitoring of services on Kubernetes fleets and deeper OpenTelemetry, and Prometheus integrations.

Grafana Labs, with over 3000 customers and 20 million users, provides monitoring and observability solutions worldwide.

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