Deploying adaptive AI in distributed water plants - Barbara Accoina



Proximity Data Centres gets closer to expansion goals with latest data center acquisition

Proximity Data Centres Limited, a UK-based regional provider of edge data center services, has acquired another data center for its…


OneWeb launches more LEO satellites; will they stay in space longer than Richard Branson?

Despite a difficult year, low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite operator OneWeb is still making progress. The company signed a partnership…


Digital Colony, Liberty Global form European edge platform AtlasEdge; unique point in time in Europe

By Phil Shih, Managing Director and Founder of Structure Research Digital Colony teamed up with Liberty Global to form a…


Sonic the EdgePod: UK’s Sonic Edge launches new micro data centers for edge computing

Sonic Edge Ltd has launched its Sonic EdgePods, a range of MDC’s (Micro Data Centers) specifically designed to meet the…


UK edge colocation considerations: Taking a closer look at the local geography will pay dividends

By John Hall, Managing Director at Colocation at Proximity Data Centres Despite concerns before the UK’s exit from the EU…

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