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Lanner Electronics, Landing AI develop computer vision solution for quality inspection

Lanner Electronics, Landing AI develop computer vision solution for quality inspection

Lanner Electronics, a company specializing in advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms, has partnered with Landing AI, a cloud-based computer vision solutions provider. Together, they aim to create a quality inspection solution catering to the needs of the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

The significance of quality inspection in these industries lies in the ability to ensure that the products meet the required standards and specifications. Through the analysis of inspection data and the identification of patterns, manufacturers can pinpoint areas of improvement in their production processes.

“Partnering with Landing AI delivers to system integrators a turnkey, all-in-one edge AI platform, composed of a high-performing AI model and a powerful NVIDIA-certified edge AI appliance,” says Jeans Tseng, chief technology officer of Lanner Electronics. “The bundled solution delivers real-time AI insights, reducing latency and enabling organizations to make faster, more informed decisions.”

The collaboration integrates Landing AI’s industrial AI vision inspection platform, LandingLens, with Lanner Electronics’ LEC-2290E, an Nvidia-certified rugged edge AI device.

Lanner Electronics’ LEC-2290E is an Nvidia-certified edge artificial intelligence device that incorporates the Intel Core i7. A highlight of the device is its compatibility with Nvidia A2 Tensor Core CPU, which is a graphics unit specifically designed for high performance at the edge. This optimizes the solution for service providers seeking to leverage AI-based video and data analytics in industrial edge applications such as healthcare and smart cities.

Landing AI’s LandingLens is an end-to-end automated AI visual inspection platform that is known for its data-centric AI, flexible deployment, continuous improvement, and scalability. Recently, the platform added visual prompting, which enables users to build computer vision systems through intuitive interactions. This approach also allows users to teach AI systems by illustrating concepts using images, facilitating effective training processes.

“As LandingLens becomes the choice for manufacturers looking to optimize efficiency, we look forward to working closely with Lanner and our system integration, AI consultants, and OEM partners,” says Carl Lewis, head of Partnerships at Landing AI.

The collaborative efforts of both companies will be showcased at Lanner Electronics’ booth at Automate 2023 in Detroit during May 22-25, 2023.

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