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Lightbend unveils Akka Distributed Cluster for edge computing across data centers

Lightbend unveils Akka Distributed Cluster for edge computing across data centers

Lightbend, a provider of cloud-native microservices frameworks, recently announced the launch of Akka Distributed Cluster, a platform for edge computing across multiple data centers. 

Lightbend says the platform offers enhanced application availability during outages, reduced costs and data storage expenses and streamlined developer time. According to company executives, these features enable enterprises to develop cloud-native applications with mission-critical capabilities in less time.

“I have long maintained that the demarcation between ‘cloud’ and ‘edge’ is not a clear boundary, but a spectrum of environments based on the specific requirements of the application use case,” says Jonas Bonér, Lightbend’s founder and CEO. “Akka Distributed Cluster brings industry-first capabilities that blur the distinctions between cloud and edge and continue our progress in building a new paradigm for tomorrow’s cloud-to-edge continuum.”

According to Lightbend, Akka Distributed Cluster is a low-latency, high-performance architecture which provides brokerless Pub/Sub messaging, event filtering, active-active event sourcing and durable state queries. The new capabilities of Akka Distributed Cluster also maximize cloud performance by improving efficiency, correctness and resilience.

Lightbend says it will invest in new features to enhance Akka Distributed Cluster’s distributed computing capabilities. The company specializes in cloud-native applications and architectures. Its services include microservices frameworks, streaming engines and more optimized data-centric systems on cloud infrastructure.

Last September, Lightbend announced that the licensing model for Akka, an open-source software framework for building applications, would change with the release of Akka v2.7. Lightbend decided to replace the Apache 2.0 license with the Business Source License (BSL) v1.1 to improve software development support.

According to Lightbend, Akka is a popular framework customers use in e-commerce, finance, automobile, cloud infrastructure, web services and gaming. It offers a way to build highly distributed, concurrent and resilient event-driven applications for Java and Scala.

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