Zededa showcases how data can help oil/gas companies optimize operations

Zededa showcases how data can help oil/gas companies optimize operations

Zededa, an edge infrastructure orchestration provider, says it can use data to help oil and gas companies become more efficient and gain a competitive advantage despite volatile oil and gas prices.

Zededa notes that edge environments such as oil rigs, wells and refineries can generate cost-saving insights when managed correctly. However, these environments are often remote, with limited staff access, requiring specialized tools to ensure safety and compliance.

“There’s so much opportunity for the oil and gas industry to innovate with edge AI and IoT solutions,” says the VP of business development at Zededa, Michael Maxey.

Zededa has partnered with Advantech and Arrow Electronics to create a combined solution for Connected Oilfield Systems to help streamline oil and gas field operations. However, many companies could not move beyond the pilot phase of digitization projects despite recognizing it as the key to unlocking gains. In fact, McKinsey research shows that 70% remain in the pilot phase.

Michael Maxey will join a panel discussing innovative technologies for digitizing oil and gas businesses at the Data Driven Oil & Gas USA 2023 Conference to provide real-time visibility into assets and data in remote, unstaffed locations. For example, the discussion will cover emerging technologies like AI, IoT, automation and robotics and how they can transform the oil and gas industry.

“Deploying edge computing platforms can help organizations become more efficient, keep people safe and achieve a greener future,” adds Maxey.

Besides Maxey, the panel will comprise Jim Sage, the IT Manager for Emerging Technologies & Solution Architecture at Oxy; Scott Parent, the VP of Field Technology at ANSYS; Prabu Parthasarathy, the Global VP of Partner Success at Cognite; and Joe Perino, the President & CEO of Pertex.

In 2021, Zededa teamed up with Agora to offer customers in the renewable energy and oil and gas industries complete management solutions for their edge deployments as part of Agora’s broader IoT portfolio.

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