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T-Mobile, Google Cloud team up to offer edge computing with 5G

T-Mobile, Google Cloud team up to offer edge computing with 5G

T-Mobile and Google Cloud have combined their 5G connectivity and edge computing technologies. Together, the companies say that they have developed a solution that allows users undergoing digital transformation in various industries such as manufacturing, retail and logistics to leverage the potential of edge computing and 5G.

Specifically, T-Mobile plans to incorporate its 5G advanced network solutions into Google’s distributed cloud edge. This integration provides low latency, high speed and reliable connectivity for computationally intensive tasks like computer vision.

“This partnership brings together the powerful combination of 5G and edge computing to unlock the expansion of technologies such as AR and VR from limited applications to large-scale adoption,” says Mishka Dehghan, the senior vice president of strategy, product and solutions engineering at T-Mobile Business Group.

T-Mobile demonstrated how the retail sector could use this solution by showcasing an interactive display that utilizes cloud-based processing and image rendering capabilities. By holding retail products in front of the mirror, interactive videos play and detailed product information is provided.

In March, T-Mobile integrated its 5G advanced network solutions portfolio with the cloud-based services and pre-integrated applications of Amazon Web Services. Customers can use this collaboration to implement edge computing on 5G networks. T-Mobile’s 5G solution offers private, hybrid and public network options based on an application’s needs.

“From providing a shopping experience in a virtual reality environment to improving safety through connected sensors or computer vision technologies, T-Mobile’s 5G combined with Google Cloud’s innovative edge compute technology can bring the connected world to businesses across the country,” Dehghan adds.

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