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T-Mobile, AWS join forces to unlock 5G connectivity for edge compute

T-Mobile, AWS join forces to unlock 5G connectivity for edge compute

T-Mobile has partnered with Amazon Web Services to deliver flexible and customizable compute infrastructure leveraging 5G connectivity. This collaboration combines T-Mobile’s 5G advanced network solutions portfolio and AWS cloud-based services and pre-integrated applications to allow customers to deploy edge compute over 5G networks.

By integrating AWS compute solutions with 5G connectivity, the companies say businesses can unlock the potential of digital transformation. T-Mobile and AWS believe that current infrastructure and connectivity options are too expensive and fail to provide a personalized approach for different organizations. With this combined offering, companies can customize their infrastructure based on their specific needs and requirements.

“Businesses need a combination of connectivity and compute that fits into their current infrastructure. With our flexible 5G network deployment options and AWS’s cloud compute capabilities, we can quickly provide customers a right-sized solution to make their new and existing applications perform like never before,” says Callie Field, the president of T-Mobile Business Group.

The integration of T-Mobile’s 5G advanced network solution with AWS cloud services allows enterprises to choose private, hybrid and public networks that are already integrated with AWS’s edge services and infrastructure. The customers can, for example, choose the compute power, connectivity and integration services required.

The T-Mobile 5G advanced network solution combines 5G connectivity and edge computing technology to simplify IoT application development, deployment and management.

“AWS and T-Mobile share a common desire to work backward from customer feedback to deliver innovation,” says Adolfo Hernandez, vice president of Telco Industry at AWS. “Together with T-Mobile’s innovative suite of 5G Advanced Network Solutions and our Integrated Private Wireless Program, we have the power to meet customers where they are.”

With T-Mobile’s support, the company says that businesses in the US that have never worked with 5G networks can get help establishing a public, private or hybrid network already coupled with customizable AWS edge infrastructure.

The Integrated Private Wireless on AWS program provides customers private wireless connectivity from several communication service providers. AWS says the program helps businesses reach their peak performance and efficiency for specialized tasks, such as industrial automation and worker safety oversight.

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