Linux Foundation, Open Grid join forces to advance edge infrastructure development

Linux Foundation, Open Grid join forces to advance edge infrastructure development

The Linux Foundation and the Open Grid Alliance have announced a Memorandum of Understanding that will facilitate collaboration between multiple foundations within The Linux Foundation, with LF Edge being the primary.

“Co-creation across multiple sectors contributing to ´dirt-to-cloud´ stack of the Open Grid is the core principle of the OGA. This demands deep collaboration with the industry bodies influencing various parts of this stack. We are excited to partner with the Linux Foundation as we start to lay the foundation for this stack,” says Kaniz Mahdi, the chairperson of the OGA, and the SVP of technology architecture and innovation at Deutsche Telekom.

Founded in 2020, the Open Grid Alliance consists of over 30 global technology companies interested in innovating and delivering the technologies required for building a better internet experience. The grid is a globally distributed network that combines public and private computing, data and intelligence to enable applications at the edge.  This is fueled by the development of edge infrastructure, 5G networks and billions of IoT devices.

Edge computing allows applications and services to be placed near the point of use, combining software-defined flexibility with edge infrastructure. LF Edge projects provide automation for the edge infrastructure, enabling an autonomous grid infrastructure to be built.

The agreement also enables both organizations to formally collaborate and create open software defined by OGA work groups. This cooperation will facilitate the development of use cases and underlying technologies for the Open Grid.  It also aims to expedite the deployment of a global and operational Open Grid.

“Integrating LF Edge architecture and use cases into open grid infrastructure provides a vendor-neutral approach to re-architect the Internet with the grid topologies needed to scale globally,”  says Arpit Joshipura, the general manager of networking, edge and IoT at the Linux Foundation.

Last fall, the OGA announced that Las Vegas would be the first city to pilot its Innovation Zone program. Innovation Zones provide a platform for new technologies and services to be explored and implemented in an effort to level the playing field of technology access to underserved populations.

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