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Synaptics acquires Emza Visual Sense, expanding its edge AI portfolio

Synaptics acquires Emza Visual Sense, expanding its edge AI portfolio

Synaptics, a human interface solutions company, has announced the acquisition of Emza Visual Sense Ltd., a provider of ultra-low-power AI visual sensing solutions. Terms of the acquisition were not announced.

The deal will help expand Synaptics’ lineup of IoT offerings, which comprised 63% of fiscal 2022 revenue of $1.74 billion. The company says the acquisition extends Synaptics’ leadership in edge AI and allows it to bring proven HPD (human presence detection) solutions to the PC and other markets. These solutions use state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to detect and analyze human presence in various environments and address user security and privacy concerns.

“We’re excited about integrating and scaling Emza’s expertise and technology across our business,” said Saleel Awsare, SVP & GM at Synaptics. “Bringing together key enabling technologies in edge hardware and algorithms for computer vision, audio, and security will allow us to rapidly deploy, scale, and redefine the HPD experience.”

The average low-power smart vision architecture contains an image sensor with reduced resolution and an Edge AI processor that commonly has limited compute and memory resources. To overcome these limitations, Emza’s ML algorithms maximize AI inference per milliwatt.

The Emza solution complements Synaptics’ Katana AI SoC platform, enabling HPD applications in devices ranging from PCs and laptops to smart TVs and assisted living cameras.

The Emza team, based in Giv’atayim near Tel Aviv, will join Synaptics Israel, located in Herzliya.

Synaptics Incorporated partnered with WNC to build the WNC Smart Display platform less than two months ago. The Synaptics SyNAP development platform and the VS600 series processor drive the product to enable biometric and interactive features on smart monitors and security panels.

The smart display platform uses the VS600 processor, which enables camera ISP, multimedia processing, security, display, and AI capabilities. The WNC smart display platform, with Synaptics’ VS600 processor, will have an LCD panel and wireless connectivity.

Earlier this year, Synaptics announced a new edge AI evaluation kit based on the Katana SoC platform. This product is designed for various vision and sensor fusion IoT use cases. The evaluation board features sensors for imaging, audio, voice, and motion with rich wireless connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy.

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