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Synaptics’ VS600 series processor powers WNC’s smart display platform

Synaptics’ VS600 series processor powers WNC’s smart display platform

Synaptics Incorporated has partnered with WNC to create the WNC Smart Display platform. Powered by the Synaptics SyNAP development platform and the VS600 series processor, the product can bring biometric and interactive features to smart monitors and security panels.

The smart display platform takes advantage of the VS600 processor that features camera ISP, multimedia processing, display, security and AI capabilities. The WNC smart display platform, accompanied by the Synaptics’ VS600 processor, will have an LCD panel and wireless connectivity.

“The incorporation of AI into display devices has the potential to completely change how viewers interact with these screens,” said Craig Stein, SVP and GM at Synaptics. “It shifts these devices from display-only into interactive platforms that can be used standalone to enable a new level of end-user experiences.”

The company first introduced the VS600 series processor platform in January 2020. After receiving positive feedback from customers, the company shipped millions of products with multicore CPUs, GPUs and NPUs.

Synatics’ SyNAP AI framework is an open-source, full-stack solution that supports leading AI frameworks, including TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite and Onnx. The framework enables the efficient execution of deep learning models for advanced AI capabilities such as user identification and behavioral prediction.

Earlier this year, Synaptics announced an edge AI evaluation kit based on the Katana SoC platform for vision and sensor fusion IoT use cases. The evaluation board features sensors for imaging, audio, voice, and motion with rich wireless connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy.

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