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IBM expands its embeddable AI software portfolio with three new NLP libraries

IBM expands its embeddable AI software portfolio with three new NLP libraries

IBM has announced the expansion of its AI software portfolio with the launch of three natural language processing libraries. The company says this expansion will help IBM ecosystem partners and clients to build low-cost AI applications across a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. The development could open up new applications where language processing could benefit from being on edge devices.

Specifically, IBM will provide access to the same AI libraries that power IBM Watson products. IBM aims to persuade independent software vendors in various industries to adopt natural language processing, speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities to their applications.

IBM’s Watson Natural Language Processing library is designed so developers can build applications that readily process human language and get meaning and context from it. The IBM Watson Speech-to-Text library allows businesses to transcribe speech to improve customer service. According to the company, the IBM Watson Text-to-Speech library provides accurate translations in many languages and voices.

“Enterprises must commit to a significant investment in expertise, resources, and time required to build, deploy and manage AI-powered solutions,” stated Kate Woolley, general manager of IBM Ecosystem. “By bringing to market the same portfolio of embeddable AI technology that powers our industry-leading IBM Watson products, we are helping Ecosystem partners more efficiently deliver AI experiences that can drive business value for their clients.”

This news follows IBM’s announcement that it has revamped its skilling approach to offer IBM partners the same resources as IBM sellers. By releasing three AI libraries, IBM aims to reduce the barriers that discourage people from using AI. It also addresses the skill shortage and costly development required for building ML models.

IBM Research designed these three AI libraries so that organizations can embed the Watson library of their choice and tailor applications to best suit their needs. For example, digital solutions from EquBot, CrushBank and Sherloq use IBM’s embeddable AI technology to improve help desk interaction and identify marketing leads.

“We are thrilled with our ability to embed IBM Watson Natural Language Processing in our technology so seamlessly,” said Yatharth Gupta, SVP of Products, SingleStore. “Helping our clients integrate and use capabilities such as sentiment analysis will be invaluable in driving real-time analytics to help them better understand, engage and serve their customers.”

Last week, IBM announced an upgraded version of its AI Telum processor to streamline the development of enterprise-grade industry-scale deep learning models by introducing an Artificial intelligence Unit.

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