Spectro Cloud’s new partner initiative coincides with financial uptick

Spectro Cloud’s new partner initiative coincides with financial uptick

Spectro Cloud recently announced a year of record-breaking revenue growth along with the introduction of the Spectro Cloud Partner Program.

According to the company, enterprises and public sector organizations are turning to Spectro Cloud’s Palette platform to handle multiple Kubernetes distributions and cloud-native integrations at scale.

Spectro Cloud notes that its core strategy has focused on tech innovation since its founding five years ago. Recent advances include introducing Secure Edge-Native Architecture (SENA) with Intel for edge security, adding production-grade features for hybrid workloads on Kubernetes, releasing Palette VerteX for government sectors with end-to-end FIPS cryptography and launching edgeAI for deploying AI to edge Kubernetes clusters.

As outlined by Tenry Fu, the company’s founder and CEO, Spectro Cloud was established to leverage Kubernetes and its ecosystem to help operations teams deploy applications at an unparalleled scale.

“Since then, we have worked with some fantastic customers and partners to drive change to the market and our mission is more important now than ever,” Fu adds.

Spectro Cloud established a network of alliance and system-integrator partners like Intel, Canonical, SoftwareOne, Natilik, Vertosoft and CDW. These partners are now founder members of the Spectro Cloud Partner Program.

Dave Cope, the chief revenue officer at Spectro Cloud, says that the market is ready with enterprises seeking improved methods to handle various Kubernetes distributions and cloud-native integrations across multiple platforms.

“Now, we have the final piece of the puzzle: an incredible program to accelerate how we engage with our partners to ride this wave,” shares Cope.

The company says that partners can access the Spectro Cloud Partner Program through “Partner Mission Control” for deal registration, marketing support and product enablement.

Spectro Cloud also notes that its program is flexible to support various partner models like traditional integration, MSP, technology alliance and the public sector.

In the past year, Spectro Cloud introduced innovations tailored to the needs of the public sector. Josh Slattery, the VP of technology sales at Vertosoft, emphasizes the potential of this collaboration.

“A laser-focused program like this is exactly what we need to keep our attention on what matters: helping our customers,” Slattery adds.

Spectro Cloud’s leadership team will be present at KubeCon in Paris on March 19th, Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas on April 9th and AWS Summits in various cities.

Founded in 2019 by Tenry Fu, Gautam Joshi and Saad Malik, Spectro Cloud has secured backing from various investors, including Stripes, Sierra Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures. Spectro Cloud has received multiple awards in the past year, such as Cloud 100, Stellar Startup, Tech Innovator, and Channel Chief rankings with CRN.

In 2023, Spectro Cloud released its third annual State of Production Kubernetes report, revealing that 49% of enterprises are testing or utilizing Kubernetes in edge computing setups, with 1 in 5 anticipating significant growth in the next year.

The report “The new frontiers of Kubernetes” highlights AI as a key driver for edge adoption, aiming to enhance business processes and enable new connected solutions.

The research is based on a survey of 333 Kubernetes practitioners and decision-makers, supported by 10 in-depth interviews to reveal insights.

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