KCF Technologies unveils partnership for machine health monitoring in oil and gas sector

KCF Technologies unveils partnership for machine health monitoring in oil and gas sector

KCF Technologies has announced its partnership with Nabors Industries to incorporate its predictive maintenance and machine health monitoring solutions into the RigCLOUD platform for the oil and gas drilling sector.

The collaboration seeks to offer a cloud-based system that enhances the accessibility and management of machine health data, thereby increasing the efficiency and reliability of drilling operations.

The significance of predictive maintenance in the oil and gas industry is underscored by the potential for equipment failures to cause considerable operational disruptions, safety risks, and economic losses. Through this partnership, the use of ML algorithms and edge sensor data can enable prediction of equipment malfunction, enabling proactive maintenance to prevent downtime.

“This integration with RigCLOUD is a significant step in scaling our impact, delivering an end-to-end solution that the industry has been seeking to reduce downtime optimization, lower costs, improve safety and drive maintenance procedures,” says Dr. Jeremy Frank, chief executive officer and co-founder at KCF Technologies.

According to the company, customers will gain access to critical data from wireless machine sensors, essential for tracking the health and performance of drilling equipment, such as mud pumps, which are particularly vulnerable to failures. Additionally, this data can be consolidated within a single platform, streamlining the process of monitoring maintenance schedules and plan repairs.

This collaboration gives RigCLOUD the exclusive rights to distribute KCF Technologies’ smart diagnostics solutions. Nabors Industries’ RigCLOUD is claimed to have an extensive reach, operating an approximately 175 rigs globally. They combine this offering with its open invitation to any drilling contractor, expanding the potential impact of KCF’s predictive maintenance technologies.

KCF Technologies intends to integrate analytics, predictive insights, and visualization capabilities into the RigCLOUD software suite. This will enable customers in the oil and gas industry to benefit from the digitalization of operations and decision-making processes.

“Combining KCF’s strengths in predictive maintenance with our digital platform and domain expertise should deliver an exciting solution that meets the evolving needs of the drilling industry,” says Tatiana Borges, director at RigCLOUD.

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