Soracom leverages AI to boost IoT deployments with three new services

Soracom leverages AI to boost IoT deployments with three new services

Soracom, a company specializing in IoT connectivity solutions, has introduced three new services to improve IoT deployments by leveraging generative AI.

The company uses large language models and transformer AI architecture to build generative AI-led services. These services are Soracom Query, Soracom Relay and Soracom Harvest Data Intelligence.

“Applying GenAI to analyze IoT data has the potential to discover insights that are beyond our imagination,” says Kenta Yasukawa, the chief technology officer and co-founder of Soracom.

Soracom Relay utilizes existing cameras within a system to enable real-time streaming protocol and real-time transport protocol, facilitating the capture and transmission of audio and video data. By harnessing the capabilities of generative AI, this service empowers customers to unlock the full potential of edge computing applications, specifically in the domains of computer vision and video analytics.

Meanwhile, using SQL queries, Soracom Query enables customers to extract valuable insights from IoT devices. Users can execute these queries through business intelligence tools or the command-line interface. As machine learning datasets grow, this service becomes increasingly important, allowing customers to run complex queries.

“Traditional visualization tools merely offered a glimpse into the data, leaving deeper insights unexplored. The increasing volume and complexity of IoT data underscored the need for robust cloud capabilities,” executives explained to EdgeIR in an email. Soracom’s products enable basic data storage and visualization, but for larger, more complex, it took significant technical know-how from our to set up.

With Soracom Query, “Customers can dive deep into their massive IoT data without the concerns of managing, maintaining, or understanding the intricacies of a data warehouse.”

Soracom Harvest Data Intelligence analyzes time series data, detects patterns and identifies anomalies. It enhances Soracom’s existing serverless data storage and visualization capabilities. The analyzed data can then be utilized to perform specific actions based on the insights gained.

Additionally, Soracom partnered with Matsuo Institute Inc to establish the IoT x GenAI laboratory. This dedicated center focuses on research and development, emphasizing the importance of IoT and large language models. The primary objective of the laboratory is to develop new products and services in this field.

The widespread adoption of generative AI has led to its utilization in various applications, including safeguarding the network edge. For example, Trend Micro Incorporated recently integrated advanced language models into its Vision One cybersecurity platform to help secure enterprise infrastructure where edge devices deploy.

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