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Sidus Space, Maris-Tech develop peripheral photography solution for space

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Sidus Space, Maris-Tech develop peripheral photography solution for space

Sidus Space, a provider of satellite services and solutions, has partnered with Maris-Tech Ltd., an edge artificial intelligence video solutions provider.

The collaboration aims to develop an advanced video system for space applications offering peripheral photography, recording, transmission, and AI capabilities for nanosatellites and space tools.

According to Sidus Space, the deployed cameras will capture high-quality video and still images in space and transmit them back to Earth’s ground station. The system will use edge artificial intelligence algorithms to process edge data quickly on the device or a nearby edge computing platform instead of depending on a centralized cloud-based AI system.

“With the launch of LizzieSat set for the fourth quarter of this year, we are thrilled to work with Maris-Tech to develop an innovative, AI-driven, situation-awareness-solution that answers a critical need in the New Space market,” says Carol Craig, the founder and chief executive officer of Sidus Space.

In an announcement earlier this month, Sidus Space shared its intentions to launch the LizzieSat constellation. It is a satellite network that caters specifically to the industry needs of commercial and government agencies. The company plans to incorporate its edge AI and imaging technology — hyperspectral and multispectral — into LizzieSat. The constellation will be launched on a SpaceX Transporter mission, which is set to begin in 2024.

Maris-Tech offers technology for capturing HD videos, accelerating AI, and other features for spacecraft, such as anti-collision measures, estimation of proximity and assistance with landing.

“We are proud and excited to partner with Sidus Space in this innovative project, which positions Maris-Tech’s entry as part of the prestigious international New-Space club. This collaboration will bring Maris-Tech’s pioneering solutions to the forefront of the nanosatellite market,” says Israel Bar, the chief executive officer of Maris-Tech.

Sidus Space has been working towards deploying edge computing capabilities in satellites. Earlier this year, Sidus Space included its edge artificial intelligence functionalities into Exo-Space’s planned satellite constellations.

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