Semtech, UnaBiz unite to expand IoT capabilities with Sigfox 0G and LoRa integration

Semtech, UnaBiz unite to expand IoT capabilities with Sigfox 0G and LoRa integration

Semtech Corporation, a semiconductor and cloud connectivity service provider, has partnered with UnaBiz, an end-to-end customized IoT solutions provider, to integrate Sigfox 0G technology into Semtech’s LoRa Edge and the LoRa Connect platforms.

Semtech says incorporating Sigfox 0G technology into its platforms will allow customers to deploy IoT devices in more than 70 countries, offering various use cases such as supply chain and logistics. The integration benefits asset management, leveraging low-power geolocation capabilities to enable enterprises to track digital edge assets effectively. By adopting this integrated solution, businesses can enhance tracking and management processes.

“With this collaboration, we are bringing together the LoRaWAN and Sigfox ecosystems to expand Semtech’s LoRa platform to an even larger footprint of LPWAN networks across the globe and provide IoT developers and customers with best-in-class solutions for ultra-low power connectivity, security, and cloud-based geolocation,” says Tom Mueller, the executive vice president and general manager of the IoT System Products Group at Semtech.

UnaBiz, a longstanding member of the LoRa Alliance, has contributed to the IoT community for over a decade. Initially, the company focused on providing accessibility to its Sigfox device library. The Sigfox device library offers resources, tools and documentation to propel the advancement of Sigfox 0G technology. However, UnaBiz has expanded its support to include many other IoT communication technologies.

“This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies for sustainable solutions,” says Remi Lorrain, the vice president of Convergence at UnaBiz.

Earlier this year, Semtech announced the release of Amazon Sidewalk products that utilize their LoRa technology. These products include Browan’s motion and carbon dioxide sensors, Deviceroy’s smart modem for solar installations, HSB’s Meshify water sensor and New Cosmos DeNova Detect’s natural gas alarm. Simultaneously, Semtech announced the release of its inaugural LoRa-based development kits and modules, developed in conjunction with third-party partners.

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