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Seaplane IO nabs $15M funding for an edge-optimized cloud application management platform

Seaplane IO nabs $15M funding for an edge-optimized cloud application management platform

Seaplane IO, a developer of an early-stage edge-optimized cloud app management platform, has closed a $15 million Series A funding round to accelerate the product development of the platform. The investment round was led by Sequoia Capital alongside 8VC and Atlantic Bridge.

The Seaplane cloud application platform is aimed at solving the management and operational challenges faced by consumers of public cloud services. Scaling cloud applications introduces a new obstacle of cost and complexity. Also, enterprises face the need to grow the developer and find those with the required domain expertise to build applications and leverage the right resources. To solve these challenges, the team at Seaplane developed a “user-centric control panel” that continuously optimizes the global infrastructure to deliver applications.

“Our goal is to do for full-stack applications what Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) did for media delivery: make it simple, make it global, and make it cost proportional to your traffic. Seaplane is for makers everywhere, whether you’re running a simple website or an application that needs 10 petaflops of compute and 10 petabytes of data within 10 milliseconds of every end-user on the planet,” the team explained in a blog post.

Edge computing and public clouds have become essential for enterprises and developers to manage and scale applications across geographic limits and time constraints. The Seaplane cloud management platform enables developers to worry less about the location of the end-user as the technology auto-scales to match the demand and prevent waste in the process, the company claims.

The platform features serverless containerized workloads that are delivered wherever the users are giving access to international markets. It also continuously optimizes response times for an enhanced end-user experience. Seaplane IO gives the liberty to use all the capabilities of the edge and multi-cloud “without any complexity,” according to the company.

“As multi-cloud and data-native containerized applications become a pervasive driving force for enterprises, the supporting cloud infrastructure around orchestration and management has not kept pace, being mired in complexity,” said Bhaskar Ghosh, partner, and CTO at 8VC. “Seaplane’s offerings simplify and abstract away the deficiencies and difficulties in cloud infrastructure, enabling applications to be delivered anytime and anywhere without sacrificing performance and resilience.”

The Seaplane cloud management platform is now available for limited beta participation.

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