MontaVista, launch MVEdge for edge intelligence

MontaVista, a provider of embedded Linux services, joined hands with, a software platform for IoT devices, to launch the MVEdge end-to-end solution for edge intelligence.

The offering is built on the core capabilities of the two companies — MontaVista’s commercial embedded Linux distribution for edge devices providing secure over-the-air update technologies and’s container-based cloud-native, continuous integration, and continuous deployment (CICD) platform.

For nearly two decades, MontaVista has been providing its MVEdge embedded Linux distribution built on carrier-grade infrastructure to support a robust system and long-term maintenance options. The combination of the FoundriesFactory build system, a DevOps tool suite and the secure OTA update solution with advanced fleet management features enable developers to easily deploy and manage complex cloud IoT applications, according to the companies.

“With MVEdge, we are extremely happy to bring another game-changing product to the embedded Linux market after our MVShield product line,” said Iisko Lappalainen, director of product management at MontaVista Software.

The early-stage version of MVEdge is built around the Yocto Project 3.1 user-space baseline, and Linux kernel 5.4 including support across major processor architectures such as x86, ARM, PPC, and MIPS, with custom BSP options. Surprisingly, the platform does not support the evolving RISC-V modular open standard process instruction set architecture.

“’s innovative technology coupled with MontaVista’s extremely stable, secure, feature-rich, and field-proven Linux baseline, will help us solve customer problems previously unaddressed, allowing very fast time-to-market due to an already proven and secure platform while including an immediate long-term support pipeline and ready-to-go Secure OTA process,” Lappalainen added.

“This allows our customers to keep embedded devices on the edge secure and up to date — effectively improving resilience against cyber threats,” Lappalainen noted.

“We’re excited to partner with MontaVista to support its new MVEdge product, incorporating the FoundriesFactory DevOps platform,” said George Grey, CEO of “Coupling MontaVista’s storied Linux and services expertise with our groundbreaking approach of using cloud technologies to develop, deploy and maintain Linux software accelerates time to market and delivers new opportunities to OEMs building and deploying secure intelligent devices at the edge.”

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