Schneider Electric brings Claroty to OT cybersecurity with integration deal

Schneider Electric brings Claroty to OT cybersecurity with integration deal

Schneider Electric is working with Claroty, a provider of cybersecurity solutions, to bring operational cybersecurity across industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments. The agreement extends an existing relationship and will allow Schneider Electric to integrate the Claroty platform to address new cybersecurity issues, including protection, safety and insurance for industrial customers.

Due to the introduction of new IoT and industrial IoT assets into converged IT/OT environments, industrial systems have become more exposed to new cyberattacks with serious implications for physical safety and the environment. Adding Claroty solutions to Schneider Electric’s existing technology has reinforced the commitment to work on addressing IT/OT cybersecurity challenges.

“Through our collaboration with Claroty, we are reinforcing its importance to the industrial process and taking active steps to mitigate new challenges,” said Jay Abdallah, VP of Cybersecurity Services, Schneider Electric. “We are entering a new era of openness in the industrial world, and the same is true for cybersecurity. We are pleased to partner with Claroty and continue our work together to create the most secure assets in the market.”

The Claroty Platform is designed for the protection of OT, IoT, and IIoT assets while detecting and enabling faster response to potential threats. The platform includes the Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) and Secure Remote Access (SRA) products to provide a wide range of industrial cybersecurity controls. The solution can be integrated with the existing infrastructure irrespective of the scale, architecture and programmatic maturity of a customer.

“As industrial machinery and processes become increasingly connected to corporate IT networks and the internet to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, they also become more exposed to cyber threats that could severely disrupt critical operations,” said Keith Carter, VP of Worldwide Channels and Alliances, Claroty. “Digital transformation must go hand in hand with cybersecurity, and this integration between Schneider Electric and Claroty delivers a market-leading combination that is tailor-made for industrial environments.”

Recently, Schneider Electric, Stratus Technologies and Avnet Integrated launched a zero-touch edge computing data center to help industrial automation. The purpose-built Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Micro Data Center is integrated with Stratus ftServe to provide power, cooling, security and monitoring for faster deployment and efficient management of edge computing networks.

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