Rockwell Automation to include Zededa tech to accelerate edge computing for manufacturers

Rockwell Automation to include Zededa tech to accelerate edge computing for manufacturers

Zededa, an edge computing and cloud solutions provider, has announced a strategic agreement with Rockwell Automation, a provider of industrial automation and digital transformation technology. The partnership aims to help the manufacturing industry with distributed edge management and orchestration capabilities. By partnering, both companies can provide a more comprehensive solution for edge management needs.

“This partnership is a natural next step to improve management and orchestration at the industrial edge,” said Chantal Polsonetti, vice president of advisory services at ARC Advisory Group. “Together, Rockwell Automation and Zededa can solve deployment, security, and connectivity issues in distributed environments and accelerate access to critical data.”

Rockwell Automation will soon offer an edge management service that incorporates technology from Zededa. This service will allow users to manage and keep track of their edge devices, as well as control applications and access data more easily.

“This agreement is a signal of the tremendous opportunities created by edge computing within industrial environments,” said Said Ouissal, founder and CEO of Zededa. “Manufacturers are looking to edge technologies to drive efficiencies, improve safety and open new revenue streams and the integrated solutions that Rockwell Automation can deliver through their extensive customer and partner network make the edge even more valuable.”

Zededa raised $12.5 million in their Series A funding round with the help of Rockwell Automation. Rockwell Automation also participated in the Series B funding round. Zededa’s and Rockwell Automation’s partnership enables manufacturers to digitalize more quickly, especially with the implementation of edge computing technologies within distributed environments.

Recently, Zededa expanded its leadership team with four new appointments. Zededa’s co-founder Erik Nordmark was promoted to chief technology officer. Additionally, Paul Campaniello was given the role of vice president of marketing, Michael Maxey the role of vice president of business development and Raghu Vatte the role of vice president of product management and customer success.

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