Cognitive Systems integrates Wi-Fi motion technology with MaxLinear SoC

Cognitive Systems integrates Wi-Fi motion technology with MaxLinear SoC

Cognitive Systems, a provider of advanced Wi-Fi software technology for AI and predictive analytics, has partnered with MaxLinear, an embedded integrated circuits manufacturer. Cognitive Systems’ Wi-Fi motion technology will integrate with MaxLinear’s system-on-chip technology. This integration will help service providers offer next-gen innovation while maintaining high levels of efficiency, the company says. The collaboration between the two companies will also enable the development of Wi-Fi sensing applications with varied purposes, such as monitoring a home, wellness tracking and automating tasks in a smart home.

Cognitive Systems’ Wi-Fi motion technology uses connected IoT devices to transform the home environment into a motion-sensing network, with no extra hardware. MaxLinear’s suite of gateway and access platforms can deliver reliable and responsive experiences for next-gen Wi-Fi-enabled motion applications. 

 “Service providers are constantly looking for innovative ways to evolve user experience and provide differentiated value for customers,” said Taj Manku, co-founder and CEO of Cognitive Systems. “Together with partners like MaxLinear, we are creating future-forward technologies that will transform the home services industry.”

Motion-sensing software company Cognitive Systems first launched Home Aware in 2014 and expanded its portfolio to include Caregiver Aware, a solution for elder care. Besides expanding its portfolio, the company says that Cognitive Systems has made the integration process more efficient. The breakthrough technology of Wi-Fi motion sensing is available at most access points. 

Cognitive Systems’ Wi-Fi motion software detects motion by interpreting changes in Wi-Fi signals. This ability allows the existing wireless network to act as a motion detection system. A disturbance in the environment causes ripples to form in Wi-Fi signals. These ripples can then determine when and where the motion occurred. The advanced in-built algorithms differentiate between pet, fan, and human activity. The interface for this program allows operators to see movement as it’s happening in real-time. They can also set up custom notifications to be alerted of unexpected or expected motions or even a lack of activity.

“MaxLinear’s robust gateway and access platforms deliver leading user experience consumers expect from their in-home connectivity,” said Doron Tal, VP of broadband access at MaxLinear. “Integrating Cognitive Systems’ motion solution into these platforms continues to provide users with an unparalleled experience with connectivity access and a wide range of new home services.”

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