Telco Systems enhances Edgility with firewall & router, promises cost benefits

Telco Systems enhances Edgility with firewall & router, promises cost benefits

Telco Systems, an edge computing and networking solutions provider, has announced the launch of Edgility Network Functions in Edgility, its smart virtualization platform for edge computing.

The Integrated Network Function (INF) layer offers features designed to reduce the costs of deploying many edge devices across distributed sites. With this layer, businesses can take advantage of enhanced connectivity at the edge to create and deploy edge computing applications cost-effectively, the company says.

“Connectivity is a critical element of a successful edge computing deployment, that usually incurs substantial additional costs,” says Ziv Koren, the Chief Product Officer at Telco Systems. “With this release, we continue to empower our customers to break free from costly legacy solutions, seamlessly connect all network components and significantly simplify the complexities of edge computing.”

Edgility’s latest release provides businesses a platform with integrated connectivity, virtual Next Generation Firewall (vNGFW) and virtual router capabilities. This allows for reduced investment in networking equipment, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership than traditional solutions, the company says. The platform also facilitates data exchange and transmission between sites, data centers, and network components for edge computing.

Telco Systems says it offers a scalable solution to manage the high volume of traffic and data flows from connected devices at the edge by simplifying the operation, deployment and lifecycle management of complex workloads across diverse sites and connecting them to any data center or cloud provider.

Edgility’s Integrated Network Functions also allow businesses to build and manage edge computing deployments tailored to their needs, company executives say.

The vNGFW provides enhanced network security and blocks cyber threats. At the same time, the vRouter optimizes performance by managing traffic flows for reliable communication between devices and applications, the company says.

“We are thrilled to introduce Integrated Network Functions as part of Edgility,” says Ziv Koren, the chief product officer at Telco Systems. “We look forward to continuing this platform expansion with additional integrations.”

Last month, Telco Systems made headlines for introducing the T-Marc 3352S network interface device. According to the company, this device’s data rate of 10 Gigabits per second is best suited for fiber optic networks requiring high speeds and low latency.

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